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The Future of the Romandy

Accelerating Switzerland's transition to a Circular Economy

*All projects with a swiss-based impact are eligible, including those from startups based abroad.

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October 19, 2021 – January 25, 2022



3.5-month journey
incl. 15 Workshops + coaching hours


Price: Free for participants

Location: Online

In Romandy we want to make sure that everyone is able to live a healthy life in a city where society acts in consideration of the natural resources of our planet. This can be done through the circular economy where we produce and consume intelligently.


Do you have an idea on how to make your city a better place to live in?

The Circular Economy (CE) Incubator enables teams and startups to develop new solutions and to create a positive impact in Switzerland. During the 3.5 month program, the selected entrepreneurs work on developing their minimum viable product (MVP) and validating their business model, with the support from advisors, experts and our network of impact investors.

A Swiss-wide Initiative

Each edition of the program incubates 35+ startups swiss-wide split among cohorts in 6 Swiss cities - Basel, Bern, Zurich, Ticino, Geneva and Lausanne.


Circular Economy Transition (CET) aims at accelerating the transition of Switzerland to a Circular Economy.


We are looking for circular solution ideas in:

Foster the development of circular economy products, services and business models in Switzerland to lower the use of resources.

Responsible Consumption & Production

Build local communities in Lausanne around the framework of Circular Economy in various topics, increasing the resilience through local networks.

Smart cities, Industry & Procurement

Considering the circular economy in the value chain by reducing or eliminating agro-chemicals, emissions and waste.

Food & Farming

If your solution idea covers other thematics, we welcome your submission and will consider it.

Solution ideas on other thematics, challenges and opportunities are welcome


What is Circular Economy?

Circular economy Transition (CET) is a model of production and consumption that moves away from the linear model of creating waste and pollution. The circular model is designed to keep existing materials and products as long as possible throughout the value chain. It involves consideration in the usage of materials, design, energy efficiency & energy renewability, durability, maintenance & repairability and social equity. CET reduces dependencies and risks in global supply chains, it promotes regional value creation leading to an economy that is more sustainable and resilient.

Why join the programme?

Community & Space

Connect with corporates, public institutions, entrepreneurs, creatives and techies while working from an inspiring space (aka Impact Hub) in the heart of your city.

Startup Support

Have 1 : 1 mentoring sessions and join workshops delivered by experienced experts in business & circular economy related topics, to help you fine-tune your MVP and business model.

Events & Connections

Make meaningful connections and exchange best practices with peer entrepreneurs and circular economy experts at several events taking place across Switzerland.

Swiss-wide Visibility

Benefit from local and Swiss-wide exposure throughout the program, conferences, pitching days, as well as mentions on the press, newsletters and social medias.


The transition to a more circular economy could result in the net creation of around 700,000 jobs in Europe by 2030, thanks to the additional demand for labour from recycling plants, repair services and other circular activities.

Source: Disruptors: comment les start-ups circulaires peuvent accélérer la transition vers l'économie circulaire, 2019


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Our Impact


Entrepreneurial ideas accelerated


Startups launch MVP & go-to market


Startups still active after

2 years


Capital raised or revenues by alumni


Meet our Alumni

The CE incubator selects early-stage startups with ideas that drive the transition to a circular economy in Switzerland. We have supported over 50 incubator startups finding solutions of circularity in food & farming, sharing & platform, fashion & consumer goods and industry & procurement.



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The CE Incubator and our mentor had a crucial impact on our business: they pushed us to identify & design the main levers for a self-sustained business model. We were introduced to the sustainability community which led to helpful visibility and first media coverage.

- Anne Voigt, Co-Founder of Miniloop


Our Team


National CET Coordinator, Impact Hub Geneva


National CET Coordinator, Impact Hub Lausanne


Local CET Coordinator, Impact Hub Geneva & Lausanne


Local CET coordinator, Impact Hub Bern


Local CET coordinator, Impact Hub Basel


Local CET coordinator, Impact Hub Zürich


Local CET coordinator, Impact Hub Ticino


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for Early-stage startups (individuals or teams) focused on Circular Economy principles. All projects with a swiss-based impact are eligible, including those from startups based abroad.

Where does the programme take place?

The programme takes place both online and in the local hubs. While the programme is communicated online, the selected incubees can work independently in the impact hubs of their choice, Bern, Basel, Ticino, Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne. This gives them the opportunity to network with the community and other entrepreneurs. Visit to know more.

What language does the programme use?

The programme is primarily in English. However, depending on the needs of certain participants, the language can be adapted.

Are there costs associated with program participation?

The CE Incubator has a zero equity and fees policy. This means you will not be charged anything for your participation in the incubator and the idea you develop stays entirely yours.

I still have my day job. Can I join even if I cannot commit full time?

Yes, of course. We only ask teams to join for 1-2 mandatory online meetings per week, i.e., every Tuesdays from 12:30 to 2pm (and bi-weekly every other Tuesday from 5pm- 6pm for the Peer-exchange sessions.

Is there a limit in the number of team members?

No, there is no limit for team members.


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